Choosing Your Path to Financial Wealth

Your financial plan gives you your destination. Now you just have to figure out how to get there.

There are nearly as many ways to create wealth as there are people thinking about how to do it. You can invest in the stock market or in real estate. You can invent a new way to play music, read the written word, or send television signals through the air. You can peddle your expertise in a specialized area, provide a service that no one else provides, or build the next international fast-food franchise. You can win money, marry money, or inherit money (although these things fall outside the “millionaire mindset” of taking control of your own financial future, because they all rely to at least some extent on outside forces to come true).

Whichever path you choose, keep these things in mind to improve your likelihood of success:

Will it make you enough money? You can’t put your financial plan into operation if you don’t make enough money to cover your basic expenses and have some left over for your long-term goals.

Is it something you enjoy? You’re more likely to stick with something you like doing, and therefore you’re more likely to stick with your financial plan. Engineers can make a lot of money, but if you hate math, it’s probably not the right path for you. Besides, the world already has enough people who hate their jobs, self-employed or otherwise.

Is it something you have a talent for? You might dream of making it big as a musician when you’re playing “Guitar Hero” in your living room, but if you don’t know an A chord from an anthill, that’s probably just a fantasy. Figure out what you’re good at and then look for opportunities where you can put your natural talent to work.

Is it something you have the skills for? If you don’t know anything about accounting except that the figures are supposed to balance, you probably don’t want to set up your own accounting business. You can always learn, of course, but your learning curve will affect the timetable for your financial plan.

Pursuing money for its own sake is neither enriching nor rewarding. The happiest millionaires are those who combine work they truly enjoy with the financial goals they’ve set for themselves. They have a powerful desire for a fuller, better, more abundant life, and money is only part of the riches they seek

Luxury Travel Packages For Gleneagles

If you are seeking luxury travel packages for Gleneagles, one thing to keep in mind is that if you are traveling to Scotland, you should also take in some of the other delights that this magnificent country has to offer. It would be a shame if you restricted yourself to just the one area, missing all of the wonderful scenery and the ancient and sometimes bloody history that Scotland is steeped in.

Gleneagles itself is a beautiful traditional hotel set in its own 850 acre estate in Perthshire, Scotland. It was host to the G8 summit a couple of years ago, and is a 5 Star hotel with superb cuisine that is renowned the world over, and also boasts three top championship golf courses. You can’t spend a night at Gleneagles without testing yourself against one of these, and also trying out its award winning spa. The surrounding countryside is magnificent and even a walk round the estate gives you plenty to explore as you work up an appetite. Gleneagles is the hotel of choice of the stars of screen, stage and sports fields the world over.

The hotel offers not only golf, but falconry, fly fishing and horse riding among many other sports, and is only an hour drive away from the beautiful capital city of Edinburgh and the metropolis of Glasgow, and even less from the famed St. Andrews, with its seven links golf courses, including the famed Old Course, a favorite venue of many international golfers for the British Open Championship. Tours to St. Andrews frequently offer a round of golf at the Old Course.

Apart from London, Glasgow is the largest retail center in the UK, and offers a lot of great shopping opportunities for both men and women. It is an architectural masterpiece of Sir Charles Rennie Mackintosh, who designed many of the buildings in this expansive city. After a visit to Glasgow, why not head over to the east side of Scotland to Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city, where the magnificent castle overlooks Princes Street. This famous street has high quality retail outlets on the north of the road and a beautiful park on the south, running the entire length of this mile long street with a five star hotel at each end. You can also admire the famed floral clock and gilded fountain, or perhaps even try a game of putting before visiting the Edinburgh Woolen Mill or the Edinburgh Tartan Shop. You might even try paying a visit to Edinburgh Castle, which is open to the public.

Edinburgh has a lot to interest the tourist in addition to Princes Street, including the castle itself and the Royal Mile. In addition, there is a whole town of old houses that have been discovered beneath the city, many said to be haunted. It also boasts Holyrood House, home to Mary Queen of Scots, and lies close to the Scottish Parliament. You don’t leave Edinburgh without taking in the sense of history that is plentiful from this magnificent city, which is home to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes, and Robert Louis Stevenson, who based his character Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on Deacon Brodie, a local worthy who frequented the Royal Mile.

Luxury travel packages for Gleneagles can easily fit tours to these two great cities, and some packages are available to make the best of your time by also fitting in trips to St. Andrews and the Kingdom of Fife, as it calls itself. Fife is an ancient county of Scotland where the kings were once crowned. In fact Charles the First was born in Dunfermline Palace, and the same town also is the birthplace of Andrew Carnegie.

Another famous location in Fife is St. Andrews, with the ruins of its cathedral and its famous university, attended by Prince William. All of this is within an hour’s drive of each other. However, in order to enjoy such luxury tours to the fullest, you also expect luxury accommodation and travel, and the planners of such vacations should make sure that your flights are at least business class and your road travel is by limousine.

Your hotels should be of four or five star luxury, and your food out of this world. In fact if you can find vacation packages that offer trips for just two people: you and your partner, then that would be the ideal. You don’t really want to share with others, and luxury packages for Gleneagles designed just for you would enable you to get the best value for your money, and to live better than you do at home. After all, isn’t that the purpose of a vacation?